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Mari W. Gauthier

Ordained Minister,Transformation Coach, Transformational Speaker

Tranformational Speaker
As a renowned, sought after, Transformational Speaker, you and your audience will come in one way and leave being totally transformed! Whether your event is faith or community based, Mari’s powerful messages will give you the results you need guaranteed. With over 10 years of experience, Mari has the gift to empower and motivate girls, teens, students, and women to overcome their obstacles and become their greatest.

Mari's Messages:
• Ten Rules of Power for Women: Turning Your Vision into Full Manifestation
• Ten Rules of Power for Students: How to Obtain Favor and Academic Success
• Greatness Is In You: Your past and/or current struggle is your journey to your Great Destiny
• Meditation 101: Prostrate for Power!

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Transformation Coach

As a Transformation Coach, Mari has helped hundreds of women rise above their past, hurt, pain and failures by helping them develop a healthy and successful life through her:

Twelve Weeks to Transformation (Triple “T”)
 Session One:
• Complete Healing

Session Two​​​​
Dream Again
     I Am Journal~Vision Board~Power Prayer​
​​Session Three​
• Live Life NOW
    Ten Rules of Power for Women: Turning Your Vision into Full Manifestation!

Session Four

  • Staying on Track

Moving Forward Not Looking Back


*Sessions are available for One-on-One Personal and/or
Group Coaching.
*You can become a personal client or gather some family and friends for group coaching sessions. (10 people minimum)
*As a client you will never think the same, speak the same and your live will NEVER be the same…


Email Mari for prices today at

​As a workshop lecturer/presenter Mari is able to interact with the audience on a personal level. Her workshops are uplifting and fun. All workshops include your personal at home study guide. The study guide will help you stay on track and serve as a refresher course for you each time you use it. You can have Mari as your next workshop lecturer/presenter or you can attend her quarterly workshops.
For specific topic/subject needs please email Mari at
Click on Vision Brunch for more info on quarterly workshops and location. 



  • Transformational Speaker

"Prostrate for Power" was her message. We were looking for a dynamic speaker for our Women's Annual Conference. We wanted someone new, young and a powerhouse. I attended a Single's Conference and was blown away by this awesome young lady! She taught the audience that the only way higher is to hit the floor and meditate! She helped us truly undersand how to connect with GOD and get results!!! I ran to her at the end and begged her to be our speaker. I asked her to come and speak on the same topic. Not only did she come, she tore the house up!!! I am in my 60's and I'm telling you I learned so much from this young lady. She challenged us to put her teachings into practice for 21 days and promised us we would have testimonies! Before the 21 days were over we were emailing her testimonies after testimonies of the great results we were experiencing!

You have to experience Mari at your next event...she's amazing!!!


~Pastor Diane Owens

President of Women In Transition




















  • Transformation Coach

Mari's "Twelve Weeks of Transformation" turned my life around! She's not just a Transformation Coach but also an "EN'Courager". I was at a place of discouragement and depression. I attended a free workshop she was hosting on "Finding the Courage to Care...Again". I cried and smiled. I cried because finally someone knows what I'm going through and understands. I smiled because I found the right person to help me get my life back! By Week 4, I was laughing again and building my business. After my 12 weeks, I was Transformed and ready to conquer! I decided to enroll in her Constant Coaching program because I wanted to keep Mari in my life for the remainder of the 2013 year. She is definetly someone you want in your life and in your circle. 


~Nancy Smith





















  • Workshop Presenter

As a succesful business owner, it's important for me to save money yet be successful. I recently attended a small business conference in Pompano Beach, FL. I enrolled for a workshop titled "2 for 1: Negotiating Secrets"! Mari has the gifts and talents to obtain favor and skillfully negotiate to get things done her way and sometimes for free or at a non-fee. She taught us how we have the same gits in us and gave us her some her negiotiating secrets to get things done our way, too. I have come across many professionals and Mari is at the top of my list! I wanted to plan an employee appreciation gala and hired Mari to help me get things done. Mari was able to get things done way below my planned budget and the event was a huge success! Mari is truly a powerhouse you want in your corner and in your business!!!


~Mario Anthony

Success Blueprint Consultant



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