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Dear Friends,


We invite you to become a Beacon of Hope, a Force for Change, and a Symbol of Unity. As a 300 STRONG! Ambassaador and Leader, you have the incredible opportunity to stand alongside Apostle Mari and make a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals in need. Our mission is clear: Reach, Reconcile & Restore Lives... Globally!


Why 300 STRONG! Matters:
Where the struggle for clean water and afe structures is an everyday battle for some, your support can make all the difference. Together, we can provide vital resouces and infrastructure that will transform communities, protect vulnerable women and children, and bring hope to the hearts of hose who need it most.


How You Can Help:
By pledging just $100.00 USD per month, you become a vital part of our Covenant Partner network. Your recurring support empowers us to plan, execute, and sustain life-changing projects Globally. Your generosity becomes the foundation upon which we build a brighter future for those in dire need.


Join Us Today-Be Apart f Something Greater:
Completing the form below takes just a few minutes, but the impact of your commitment will last a lifetime. Please select the "Recurring" option when making your donation, as this ensures our ability to plan and execute our mission effectively. While you can choose to donate "One Time" only, we encourage you to consider the profound impact of your monthly support.


Together, We Are Stronger:
300 STRONG! is not just a number; it's a Symbol of Unity, Strength, and Hope. With your support, we can reach our goal and beyond. Let's make the world a better place, one safe structure and clean water source at a time.


Join the 300 STRONG! Movement-Together, We'll Rebuild Lives!
Complete the form and become a Covenant Partner TODAY!


Thank you for your compassion, dedication, and commitment to a brighter, safer future for all. 

Apostle Mari W. Gauthier

300 STRONG! Ambassador & Leader

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