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Dear Partners and Sponsors:

Thank you for your commitment as a covenant partner/sponsor. Your contribution, whether a one time or weekly, will help us meet our non-profit goals. Your financial support will provide feminine products, baby items, provide free counseling, tutoring and so much more for girls and young women. Without your continuance financial sponsorship, the services and goods we provide daily would not be possible.

Every quarter you will receive a newsletter with stories and detailed information on how your contribution made a difference in the lives of the girls we serve and in our communities. Our monthly covenant partners/sponsors will receive monthly gifts as our way of saying thank you for supporting our organization. You will receive invitations to our events including our annual Partners Award Banquet, where G.R.A.B, Inc. will honor you as a Covenant Partner/Sponsor.

We know that the commitment you made today was because you are just as passionate as we are about seeing girls and young women become successful. Your giving is not in vain. Your seed will grow, prosper and be returned to you a thousand fold. You will reap a great harvest for your gift of love and kindness to G.R.A.B, Inc. The law of giving simply says, “The more you give, the more you live…you will always have and lack not”!

Congratulations! You are officially a Covenant Partner/Sponsor of GRAB, Inc. Together we will change lives helping girls and young women transform from being statistics to success stories! On behalf of all girls and young women, thank you for your support.

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